Andrew Downing Andrew Downing

Under Armour Basketball Documentary

This is a documentary created for Under Armour Basketball in 2019. 

For this project, I was in charge of researching the city of Detroit and it's extensive history with the sport of basketball. Through doing this, I was able to identify the talent and places we should feature in the special documentary. I even booked one of the talent featured, Sada Baby, who I identified as Detroit's next big rapper and he has since proven me right.

I was also involved in the storyboarding of the episode, from the beginning and to the end with giving feedback on the rough drafts and final edit. 

During the shooting of the episode, I was on set for 18 hours while being in charge of handling our client's expectations and relaying thoughts to the creatives on set. I was also acting as a basketball aficionado on set to make sure that the documentary was true to the culture of the sport.